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The Cranes doing the double over the Yellow Greens

September 11, 2021

If you are a Nigerian, a cricket lover, and a frequent reader of our blog it won’t be news to you that both the senior Female and Male national teams are out of the country flying the nation’s flag. 

The women seek a spot at the ICC women’s T20 world cup while the men hope to shave off the rust, and sharpen their skills while learning in the process as they prepare for the ICC men T20 world cup qualifiers in October by participating in the Pearl of Africa T20I series with Kenya, Uganda as their contemporaries. 

The women lost their second game by 59runs to Namibia and gifting Uganda a win of 61runs, what I must say, was an easy victory. You might ask; “an easy victory?”, you might say “the win wasn’t easy”. But one question I still find unanswered is how a team hoping to play in the elite stage lose half of its wicket due to poor communication running in between wicket? It is clear evidence they did not do the homework that they got from the Kwibuka. They currently maintain a 1 out of 3 win statistics in the tournament so far.

However, the men had their first bite in the tri-series against ICC T20 no. 24 ranked team Kenya,

and later against the host of the series, Uganda - ICC T20 no. 33 ranked team, where they lost by 65runs. 

Did I mention this earlier, Nigeria’s men’s team has not participated in any competitive series neither have they played matches with what is almost 2years due to the pandemic. Some will argue that my later statement is not an excuse for a poor performance by the team.

Some people believe that Asanka, the Head coach and High-performance manager of the team is using this tri-series to draw up a plan and strategy that the team will adopt. Some will also attribute the performance to the pitch but I ask again “what exactly are we still missing in Nigeria cricket”?

We have our fingers crossed as both the male and female national teams will be having a rest day tomorrow 12th of September, 2021. We hope to see a different outcome from the matches afterward believing that new strategies will be implemented in the approach to the game.

Uganda doing a double over us today “9/11” will not happen to be leaving my head anytime soon. This year makes it 20years since the 9/11 terror hit the world and we pray that the souls of the departed rest eternally.

Share with us your thoughts about the result of the matches both the male and female teams have played?



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