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No More Quick Singles

Yesterday, we lost Tunde Elliot AKA “Baba Dealer” to the cold hands of death. I know many are still in disbelief. If you have been to the Tafawa Balewa Oval Square Cricket Oval more than once, then you know him. Dealer is synonymous with TBS  and the ground may never be the same again without him. With Dealer at TBS, every cricketer had a parking spot reserved irrespective of the event taking place. He knew everyone and would always advise which car to park behind...

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Silly Point - Congratulations Are In Order

As a competitor, I should not typically be heralding the success of my rivals. But I am first a cricket lover and I appreciate good team cricket when I see one. Unless a miracle happens, Ibeju Lekki 1 will again win the Club Cricket Committee (CCC) league this year. It is easy to say that Ibeju Lekki 1 has the best team and therefore should win the league, but having played cricket for so long, it is important to give Ibeju their deserved flowers as their ...

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April in Review

To some, it is no longer news. To some others, it is still a reality they are unwilling to accept. The head coach of the national men's side, Asanka Gurusinha has handed in his resignation and will be leaving the country in the next few weeks. Welcome again to a new month and May the good things packed in the month locate us all. See what we did there? Anyway...while we are still grappling with the idea that our Sri Lankan has gone back to his base in Australia...

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