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Lagos State Cricket – Politics Over Development?

In the last two months, there have been many activities in Lagos geared towards resurrecting grassroots cricket in the state. I understand that a Lagos State Cricket Stakeholder Forum has been set up to organize funding and structure for the development of the game in the state at the grassroots level. Under normal circumstances, this would be a laudable effort but you have to be close to the politics of Nigerian cricket to ask why this is coming up now....

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A Change of Guards?

Nigeria Head Coach, Asanka Gurusinha has today announced a 20 man list that will form the core of the country's national team for the rest of the year. This release comes on the heels of the National Men's Championships and the National Sports Festival, both of which were keenly watched by Asanka, his assistants and national selectors. The release presents more than a few surprises. Below, we try to decode what this all means....

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Edo Crowned National Men’s Cricket Champion

Edo state’s men team outran their Kaduna State counterpart with 57 runs on Wednesday to emerge champion of the National Men’s Cricket Championship in Benin City, Edo State. Team Captain Peter Aho, a prominent member of the National Under-19 Cricket World Cup team last year in South Africa said the team owed their victory to discipline and the huge measure of support that they enjoyed from the Edo State Cricket Association....

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