Saturday, July 02, 2022

NCF Appoint, Odeku, John, Ilube, Others

The Nigeria Cricket Federation held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 18th of December at the Media Centre of the Abuja National Stadium. 

The 2021 AGM, the first one since the newly inaugurated board, led by Mr. Uyi Akpata came into office last September was attended by delegates and stakeholders from every part of the country and was preceded by a board meeting a day earlier. 

Some key highlights of the meeting included a presentation of the financial position of the NCF to all stakeholders, a recap of the NCF’S activities this past year as well as a walkthrough of the Board’s plans for the next 12 months and beyond. 

The format of the meeting was deliberately interactive and participatory. An entire session was devoted to allowing attendees to ask questions and share comments, opinions, challenges, and success stories from their regions. One of the key learnings from this session is the sheer amount of work that is being done around cricket by various stakeholders and happening simultaneously across the country. We found out how cricket is growing at a rapid pace in Zamfara to the point where the First Lady is on the verge of adopting Girls' cricket as her pet project. In Borno, cricket is now a permanent fixture in the IDP camps and more positives from Ekiti, Cross-Rivers, Osun, and Ogun State as well as all around the South East.

The newly elected President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Mr. Akpata reiterated that the “new board is committed to continuing the good works of the previous dispensation by doubling down on the 5 key pillars that have been previously agreed upon as evidenced by the creation of new standing committees to drive the board’s initiatives”

Reacting to the NCF’s target of getting 250,000 kids into cricket every year, Dr McFarlane Ejah, a delegate from the South-South region opined that “the key to growing the numbers is a laser focus on primary and secondary school cricket by all stakeholders”

As part of its commitment to Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration, the third of the Board’s 5 Key pillars, the NCF has announced and inaugurated a number of standing and ad-hoc committees consisting of some of the most experienced, most energetic, and best brains around cricket to help lead a number of different initiatives. The President mentioned that this is just the start as the committees have been given the power to co-opt even more members who are interested and able to contribute to the development of the game in Nigeria

The committees include the Technical Committee which is divided into 2 arms with one focusing on officials and the other focusing on players. These will be led by Joseph Eshua and Endurance Ofem respectively. Development and Competitions Committee further broken down into its components Development to be led by Chika Okoro and Competitions and Sponsorships to be led by Femi Solebo. The Facilities Committee will be led by the Vice President. Others include the Ethics Committee, Finance, and Audit as well as a Medical and Anti-Doping Committee which has been further necessitated by virtue of Cricket being on its way to becoming an Olympic/Commonwealth sport.

In addition to these standing committees, a number of Ad-Hoc Committees were also announced including selectors for the various national teams as well as a Player Welfare Committee.


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