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Ding Dong - Ready Bells Ringing

March 27, 2022

A few years ago, it was only a dream but now, it’s a beautiful reality. Many of us remember when Nigeria's only representatives to world cricket were in the male category alone. Nigeria's flag is now flying really high in continental ranking when it comes to female cricket. The game has grown (overall) in leaps and bounds but it is in the female category that our rise has been more phenomenal in recent times. 

In less than 48 hours, the very first ball of the T20i Invitational will be sent down the pitch on a historic day for female cricket in Nigeria. Never has cricket gathered so many international female stars at the same time in the traditional home of cricket. Before now, the only hope of hosting international games was for the ICC to award us hosting rights and come oversee the affairs of such tournaments. In a brief few years, the Nigerian cricket administration has matured so much that other countries are looking to model theirs after ours.

In the 120-year written history of the hallowed ground we all call home, never has the Nigerian cricket community witnessed what they are about to witness now. The biggest, first-of-its-kind women's international competition will unfold before our eyes. Not only have we never seen this before, its impact will also be felt on every continent of the world. It would have been the dreams of these ladies to one day fly the colors of their countries in competitive international cricket and now, they are about to live that very dream. As their dreams begin to unfold in fulfilling reality, that reality will be a compelling source of inspiration for many young girls that will be present watching.

The ground itself is ready to receive our guests, with 3 of the 10 pitches prepared to standards that will match any pitch anywhere in the world. The ambience is already buzzing and the anticipation is about to blow off the roof. With The Gambia arriving on Saturday morning and the hosts ready for action, the arrival of the remaining teams will surely lift the lid off before the tournament even begins.

Not only are we going to see stars and future superstars play, the assemblage of officials also features seasoned, veteran officials from East Africa. The live streams will be watched by thousands of fans all over the world and some of the participating countries will be earning their first ICC ranking points from this.

In case you are still wondering, this is going to be the biggest international competition many people in this country have seen in a while. Make space in your schedule, and you will be glad you did.



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