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Musings of a Groundsman - Will This Change Last?

  • September 14, 2020
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The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Until we stop thinking about administration as an opportunity to kill poverty and enrich ourselves, until we show genuine care and concern for the growth and the development of the game, until we change our minds about being selfish and unaccountable, the future of the game will remain bleak.
Let me put it in the words of a famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Over the years, one trend has been constant in Nigerian Cricket: prepare half-heartedly for international competitions, arrive at competitions under-prepared and under-equipped, pray and hope for the best, drop out of the competition, come back to the proverbial drawing board...rinse and repeat.
Many times in the past, the failure of our national sides have rarely been pinned on our obvious poor preparation and administrative flaws. Players (and many times) team captains have been the ones to bear the brunt of the perennial underperformance of our teams beyond our shores.
In one of the series hosted by the country many months ago, a friend of mine witnessed a highly placed official verbally berating the players for their poor display on the field. The attack was so vicious that some of the players started to shed tears. Unfortunately, this approach seems to be the go-to approach for correcting failures even in other aspects of our individual lives. We must look for someone to blame aside ourselves. We've been making a scapegoat of players year in year out, nothing seems to have changed. The only thing that has been changing has been the administration of the game.

However, one thing that has come with this new administration is that they seem to be deliberate about making visible changes.
For instance, the home of cricket in Nigeria, TBS, that has been spotting concrete pitch for many playing generations seems to be getting a new makeover. Turf pitches are starting to spring up in many corners of the nation. Development is being focused on, with regular frequency and substantial contents.
One more thing I would like to see a change to is the selection process. I don't know what, but something still feels not right about how we select players to represent us.

The current set of administrators are effecting change, no doubt. The only question on my mind is this: will this stop when a new administration comes in or will this change be sustained ?
I sure hope we can keep the momentum going...

-  A Groundsman


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