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Kwibuka 2021 Between Expectation and Reality

June 8, 2021

Before all the teams take their hit for their third game from tomorrow, there is a need for an honest review of the matches.

First, none of the matches had posted results out of the reach of their rating on the ICC ranking log. But in case you’re out of touch with the respective placements of the teams in Kwubuka, we have them listed below:

Kenya (22)

Namibia (23)

Rwanda (34)

Nigeria (40)

Botswana (41)

While this rating may not define their exact strength in its entirety, the ranking at least provides some approximate measure of their expected on-field expression.

Now, let's introduce some silent factors that may tamper or widen the dynamics here. So, remember those elements they call infrastructure, development agenda, and perhaps exposure to higher technical expertise? Those are the other ingredients we see changing the outcomes.

Botswana should naturally dream to beat Kenya and Namibia, but the seeming easier goal, for now, is to tame the Nigerian team and to outwit the Rwandans.

So on what matrix should we expect the outcome of the Kwibuka to favour the Rwandan side? It is on the strength of how they have put themselves to bear against the invincible factors. Ordinarily, they should hope to be the third best rated on the field.

Nigeria gave a scare to the Kenyan side in their second outing - perhaps it’s the Kenyans that came into the match rusty, or the Nigerian youthful team is beginning to gain unusual confidence.

Question: so, now that the matches have gone midway, what do the next two matches hold for all the teams?

Answer: the draw for the next two days seems tighter and may dislodge the tables, as the teams are now paired to test their respective strengths.

Namibia VS Kenya

Rwanda VS Nigeria

Kenya VS Rwanda

Botswana VS Nigeria

Will Kenya dissolve in the face of Namibia and Rwanda or Rwanda gift their potential win game to the charging Nigerians; and will Botswana get a redemptive victory over Nigeria?

Whatever happens, it’s all cricket, it cracks anywhere.



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    June 9,2021 at 10:35:51

    I wish them all the best

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