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Kwibuka: Rise of the Amazons

June 5, 2021

The Rwandan Cricket Association, as she continues to help the girl-child dream anew, is very worthy of commendation. 

It is fitting that we are talking about the Rwandan journey in the same breath as girl-child.

team captain pose

As the land of "A Thousand Hills" is rising like the phoenix, we call for everyone to support the African woman as she takes her place on the stage and dances with destiny.

From June 6, 2021, in what is more than a game of cricket, there would be brilliant displays of skill, wits, athleticism, and the beautiful game of cricket

The Gahanga International Cricket Stadium will serve as the theater of the dreams of our future, where we will gather to cheer the Amazons from different regions of the continent setting the pace and showing class.

While it matters to knock off wickets and amass runs, those will count for little when the event is concluded on June 12. Pride, camaraderie, the foundation for a solid vision, and productive collaboration are what the eventual trophy would look like. 

Like Theogene Uwayo, President Rwanda National Olympic Committee, echoed when officially opening the event on Saturday, June 5, "Sports is a uniting factor especially for Youths." And emphasized that the tournament is a reminder of a commitment to peace after the ugly past.

While most eyes would stay glued to the scoreboard for wickets, runs, and winners, it may be nice to save a thought from the deep message that every bowler here is sending and the songs that batters are singing with their bats.

Kwibuka is not a Cricket Tournament - it is a movement. It is the missive and the song from the Amazons that we shall be singing along with them for the whole week and into the future.



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