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2020 in Review: Many Colours of A Broken Cricket Year

December 20, 2020

Despite the lull, lockdown and perhaps loss that the year has been for cricketers globally, in Nigeria, the year opened with a World Cup experience and is closing with the unveiling of a new coach. Both of which are unprecedented in the 105 years that the game has been documented here.

But hey, let's not dwell on the upside for too long, we are also going to try to dig up lessons from the "half-empty" view of the serving, in this three-part series of the review of this special year.

If the world's most powerful president (Donald Trump) couldn't foresee any dark cloud over the year, we all should feel justified for whatever we are dealt
As the year opened, just parading the nation's flag at the U-19 World was already an achievement and getting Nigeria's first-ever win in a Cricket World Cup was a great icing on it.

After such a promising start to the year, what perhaps was most frustrating was not the other different goals not being reached, but the fact that to stay safe you just have to stay indoors and have no thoughts of playing any form of cricket except for virtual games.

Since nobody had survival kit for a season like this, it may be nice to also give kudos to all that rose to the challenge of innovative engagement while it lasted. The year would not be remembered so much for runs and "sixies", but for how cricketers held each other's hands when people were at the lowest ebb of their emotions.

The many zoom meetings were not so much about the classes as it was about connecting with a family that we couldn't physically see and feel. They were a needed boost and the various cricket associations led the charge in a commendable way with pockets of follow up from other groups and individuals.

One more thing we would like to underscore was that the year left a big hole in a lot of our financial plans. With the different leagues shut out and other outlets for decent cricket earning dried out too. The rise of different channels of support, assistance and palliatives which till date means so much and went a long way in displaying the camaraderie that the cricket fraternity is known for.

Again, cricket survived on the back of humanity and camaraderie that the difficult season required us to display.

Well done to everyone.

While many have started to sweat out at the nets and run laps at the oval, no great memories of the outgoing year will be written of what we did with the bats and the ball but with our mind and heart; that's the beauty of the great game.

This Christmas, give a child the gift of learning


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    December 20,2020 at 17:30:57

    And you guys have kept us informed. Great job to you guys.

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