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Musings of A Groundsman - Speed Kills

Sanath saw the future. Years before the first-ever T20 ball was bowled in county cricket in 2003, Sanath had fashioned a new tactic that has stayed relevant to date. So flawless was this approach, he led Sri Lanka to a World Cup triumph in 1996 without losing a game. Many batters, indeed, nations have since fashioned styles after him and the batting game has not remained the same. T20 is the shortest format in international cricket. It means you have ONLY 120 balls...

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Musings of A Groundsman - Tigers' Tigritude

If like me, you've been trying to catch up on all the cricket we've missed out on, then you should have been following all the cricket going on presently. The first test of the series between England and India just ended in a draw, Australia is touring Bangladesh ahead of the World T20 and of course, the latest baby in cricket: The Hundred. The biggest thing on TV now is happening across England and that is The Hundred...

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Musings with The Swinger - Nigeria: A Country of Bowlers

It's been a minute. I know. It has not been for nothing. The past few weeks have witnessed plenty of cricket action across the nation. And I just wanted you to soak it all in without my pesky musings. Even if you have not been attentive, you would have come across a cricket post from all that has been happening especially in Edo State. The ancient city of Benin has been host to a host of talents (haha...see what I did there?), recognized and upcoming....

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Musings of A Groundsman - Superior Superhuman

Cricket is back and international cricket has been entertaining us since the action resumed. Though the match venues have not been occupied to capacity, the action has been titillating from the athletes. How often do you see superhuman feats? How often do you see them in cricket games? How often do you see two of them happen in the same game? A few hours ago, two super players showed us stuff of super people...

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Musings of a Groundsman - STILL

You can breathe now. The Indian Premier League has come to an exciting end. It delivered as much as it promised and even gave us more than we asked for. All we looked forward to was good cricket mixed with a bit of some excitement, considering the fact that boisterous IPL crowd would be watching from home, ...

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Musings of a Groundsman - Cricket Interlude

Let me take your minds away from the Indian Premier League for a moment. Many people don't know, but there's an internal series going on currently in faraway Rawalpindi. Pakistan is still enjoying their return to hosting cricket matches in their country as they welcome Zimbabwe for a tour of 3-match ODI and T20 series....

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Musings of a Groundsman - Dreams Of The Dream11

Somebody pinch me, please! No, don't pinch me. Get a pin instead. Now prick me with it. Prick me hard. I cannot believe what I saw last night in Dubai. The last time I shared my thoughts, I said that this edition still holds much more drama for us. I was willing to bet on it (with the money I don't have) that we will witness a few more scores of 200+ before we reach the halfway point....

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Musings of a Groundsman - Dream11 Dreams

If like me, you're the type who enjoys the explosive nature of T20 and the fireworks the Indian Premier League especially brings, then you will agree with me that this year's edition has been worth the long, Covid-19-enforced wait. Twenty20 cricket, being the shortest and the most exciting form of the game has always been...

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Musings of a Groundsman - Will This Change Last?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Until we stop thinking about administration as an opportunity to kill poverty and enrich ourselves, until we show genuine care and concern for the growth and the development of the game, until we change our minds about being selfish and unaccountable, the future of the...

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Musings of a Groundsman - In Dispirit of Cricket

There is reason why my sport is referred to as the gentleman's game-and it's not because it is played only by men. Honesty, respect for the individual (officials and opposition), are the mantra that the game hinges on-remove those, and the game is as good as those played by touts and hooligans. One of the...

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Musings of a Groundsman - Model Role Models

When I was growing up in cricket, I didn't have the opportunity to see so much of it on TV. Heck I didn't even know that cricket could be played with white all and colored strips. All I knew was red ball, white outfit. So you can imagine my shock when I saw, for the...

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In a society, there are unwritten rules. Codes that allow us as individuals to coexist. But as humans, there are times when codes may be violated, rules disobeyed and honour trampled on. However, in some certain circumstances, code violation may be excusable. Matters of life-and-death, for instance, will render any law, rule, regulation or agreement...

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Cricket, they say, is a gentleman's game. I've always known it to be so. I've always tried to play it so. Not because the only people who play it are "gentlemen" in the sense of the word but because the mould of the game is that which makes a gentleman out of you-at least on...

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In my early years of minding the ground at my first cricket home, the tradition that I saw trainers hand down to bowlers was to always pitch the ball up to the bat. Bowling anything short was criminal and a bowler may be taken off bowling for the rest of the day-even if it was...

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Musings of a Groundsman: Inconsistent Constant

1978 was the year the world saw international cricket being played in coloured strips for the first time. Coloured jerseys, white ball...that kind of gave a livelier spectacle to cricket disciples worldwide...away with the days of wearing whites, and using red balls for both formats of the game. It became easier to tell at a ...

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