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The Thankless Job of Umpiring

For many of us, when we were being taught cricket, it was batting, bowling and fielding in that order. The coaches would usually stand in as umpire/facilitator and members of the batting side would take turns to man the scorebook or scoreboard. This was “the law”, and together with the tagline “the Umpire’s decision is final”, the game never felt more complete. Fast forward all these years later and the role of the umpire, while not at the same level as the willow...

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Introducing - The GreenShoots Project

Growing up as a young boy in Lagos, I was lucky to have been admitted into a cricket-playing secondary school. One of the highlights of the summer holidays for me was the Holiday Coaching Clinic. My mates and I looked forward to it with gusto. Over a one-month period, we would work with some of the most talented young coaches in Lagos, make new friends (and rivals) from other schools, and by the end of it, be better cricketers...

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Lagos State Cricket – Politics Over Development?

In the last two months, there have been many activities in Lagos geared towards resurrecting grassroots cricket in the state. I understand that a Lagos State Cricket Stakeholder Forum has been set up to organize funding and structure for the development of the game in the state at the grassroots level. Under normal circumstances, this would be a laudable effort but you have to be close to the politics of Nigerian cricket to ask why this is coming up now....

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Obruthe Clive Ogbimi: A GREAT PLAYER and an even GREATER COACH

Few sights give greater joy than an Uthe Ogbimi classical on-drive or a flick off his pads. He was and still is a great batsman with an array of shots around the wicket. He pulled with relish, hooked with aplomb drove with supple wrists. For me, the real greatness of this genuine soldier of cricket is in imparting cricket knowledge and skills to youngsters. Uthe came alive in Coaching. Committed, passionate, resourceful...

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Development Starts Here

Rapid development, especially in a sport like cricket is heavily dependent on the availability of facilities. If there is one thing that cricketers all over Nigeria agree on, it is that our chances of progressing as a cricketing nation has been hampered by the lack of access to cricket pitches that meet international standards. Promises...

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Managing Expectations

PART ONE. On the eve of what is probably the most highly rated game in Nigeria's cricketing history. Definitely the most eagerly awaited and anticipated outing of any of our cricket teams, it is easy to get carried away, easy to get lost in the moment, to believe (not that there is anything wrong with...

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Interview with Endurance Ofem

One rainy Sunday evening, armed with my facemask and BNC sweatshirt, I set out purposefully, through the wet roads of Surulere. My task was simple. I was on my way to a meeting with one of the main men in Nigerian cricket for the last 20 years. A stalwart for the Yellow Greens as a...

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Your Life or Your Sport ?

There has been a lot of interesting news coming out of the heartbeat of the nation, Edo State. We are obviously referring to news about the 20th National Sports Festival which was postponed a few months ago and not the political brouhaha. There is now a strong indication that new dates are set to be...

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Patience, dominant straight bat, decent judgement...those are the qualities you need to makethe top order of any batting side anywhere in the world. Traditionally, you were taught to bepatient in the opening overs of the game, and open up gradually as the game went on.And as a tail-ender, all you need is to learn how...

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The "New" Normal

Dear Reader, It has been a while, hasn't it? A lot has happened since you last heard from us. The World has gone through some difficult times, a global pandemic, lockdowns, and substantial loss of lives that has taken a toll on all of us mentally, economically and physically. We get the feeling that things...

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