The South-South Region Launches First Female Cricket League

The Regional Development Officer for the South South, Mr Theophilus Ibodeme has announced that all is now set for the first edition of the South-South Female Cricket League. The first of its kind in Nigeria and West Africa in general.<br/> In a communique released online, Mr Ibodeme expressed great joy as he formally unveiled the names of the Eight (8) Clubs and their Logos....

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Musings of a Groundsman - STILL

You can breathe now. The Indian Premier League has come to an exciting end. It delivered as much as it promised and even gave us more than we asked for. All we looked forward to was good cricket mixed with a bit of some excitement, considering the fact that boisterous IPL crowd would be watching from home, ...

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Musings of a Groundsman - Cricket Interlude

Let me take your minds away from the Indian Premier League for a moment. Many people don't know, but there's an internal series going on currently in faraway Rawalpindi. Pakistan is still enjoying their return to hosting cricket matches in their country as they welcome Zimbabwe for a tour of 3-match ODI and T20 series....

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Musings of a Groundsman - Dreams Of The Dream11

Somebody pinch me, please! No, don't pinch me. Get a pin instead. Now prick me with it. Prick me hard. I cannot believe what I saw last night in Dubai. The last time I shared my thoughts, I said that this edition still holds much more drama for us. I was willing to bet on it (with the money I don't have) that we will witness a few more scores of 200+ before we reach the halfway point....

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Musings of a Groundsman - Dream11 Dreams

If like me, you're the type who enjoys the explosive nature of T20 and the fireworks the Indian Premier League especially brings, then you will agree with me that this year's edition has been worth the long, Covid-19-enforced wait. Twenty20 cricket, being the shortest and the most exciting form of the game has always been...

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Online Scoring Course from CricHeroes

Like the game itself, taking scores of a cricket game requires skill, preparation and a great bit of concentration. As important as it is, it is not surprising that it is often a struggle to find people who are content to sit for an entire day with their noses in a book, taking record of...

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Scout's Corner - Taiwo Mohammed

Name - Taiwo Mohammed, Date of Birth - 3rd June, Nickname - Papa, Club - Ibeju Lekki CC, Role - Bowler. In April of 2018, at the ICC Wt20 Africa A Qualifier in Lagos, Nigeria unearthed a gem. A fresh-faced, left-arm seamer took the entire subcontinent by storm. His name- Mohammed Taiwo Blessed with natural...

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Musings of a Groundsman - Will This Change Last?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Until we stop thinking about administration as an opportunity to kill poverty and enrich ourselves, until we show genuine care and concern for the growth and the development of the game, until we change our minds about being selfish and unaccountable, the future of the...

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Scout's Corner - Vincent Adewoye

They say "get you a man that can do both". From Flintoff to Stokes, Symonds and Kallis, all-rounders remain the glue that holds many a lineup together and, Vincent Adewoye looks set to be one of Nigeria's all-time great all-rounders. An absolute dynamite of a player who can hold his own either as a bowler...

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Development Starts Here

Rapid development, especially in a sport like cricket is heavily dependent on the availability of facilities. If there is one thing that cricketers all over Nigeria agree on, it is that our chances of progressing as a cricketing nation has been hampered by the lack of access to cricket pitches that meet international standards. Promises...

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Managing Expectations

PART ONE. On the eve of what is probably the most highly rated game in Nigeria's cricketing history. Definitely the most eagerly awaited and anticipated outing of any of our cricket teams, it is easy to get carried away, easy to get lost in the moment, to believe (not that there is anything wrong with...

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Data Analyst's Paradise - CricHeroes

Over rates and strike rates, bowling averages and fielding extras, runs scored during the power play overs and runs conceded at the death, runs scored against left-hand seamers vs number of dismissals when batting against spinners. A plethora of data points which, on their own, to the uninformed may seem meaningless. How do you connect...

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Interview with Endurance Ofem

One rainy Sunday evening, armed with my facemask and BNC sweatshirt, I set out purposefully, through the wet roads of Surulere. My task was simple. I was on my way to a meeting with one of the main men in Nigerian cricket for the last 20 years. A stalwart for the Yellow Greens as a...

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Your Life or Your Sport ?

There has been a lot of interesting news coming out of the heartbeat of the nation, Edo State. We are obviously referring to news about the 20th National Sports Festival which was postponed a few months ago and not the political brouhaha. There is now a strong indication that new dates are set to be...

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Patience, dominant straight bat, decent judgement...those are the qualities you need to makethe top order of any batting side anywhere in the world. Traditionally, you were taught to bepatient in the opening overs of the game, and open up gradually as the game went on.And as a tail-ender, all you need is to learn how...

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