Musings of A Groundsman - Tigers' Tigritude

If like me, you've been trying to catch up on all the cricket we've missed out on, then you should have been following all the cricket going on presently. The first test of the series between England and India just ended in a draw, Australia is touring Bangladesh ahead of the World T20 and of course, the latest baby in cricket: The Hundred. The biggest thing on TV now is happening across England and that is The Hundred...

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Introducing - The GreenShoots Project

Growing up as a young boy in Lagos, I was lucky to have been admitted into a cricket-playing secondary school. One of the highlights of the summer holidays for me was the Holiday Coaching Clinic. My mates and I looked forward to it with gusto. Over a one-month period, we would work with some of the most talented young coaches in Lagos, make new friends (and rivals) from other schools, and by the end of it, be better cricketers...

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Musings of A Groundsman - As We Wait.

As it is with a duck on the surface of the water, it has been somewhat calm and quiet around the cricket circle across the country. But beneath the surface of the water, there has been rigorous paddling in some quarters. Starting with the most recent, let me bring you a few of the happenings in our world. Just yesterday, the 3rd day of July, the facility manager (Lagos Office) for the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Richson Tetteh, walked down the aisle...

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Kwibuka 2021 - Meet the Stars

From the capital of the land of a thousand hills, the amazon rose. The stage was set, the drum rolled, the actions took place, and the curtains dropped on the Kwibuka 2021 edition where we saw 5 cricketing nations battle it out for supremacy. It was an exciting past week of cricket, and you’d agree with me that every match day picked up momentum from where it was left the day before. We saw amazing team performances as well as individual performances...

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Musings of A Groundsman - Nigeria in Kwibuka: The Evaluation

Just over a week ago, our girls jetted off to Kwibuka, Rwanda to represent about 200 million of us in this beautiful game of cricket. Many of us who followed them have kept keen eyes on their performances against all the nations they have come up against at the tournament. Every international competition is an opportunity for us to assess our many grassroots development programs scattered throughout the country. To start with, a big kudos...

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Musings with the swinger - Unlearn; Relearn!

There's always a sense of anticipation leading up to and during competitions. The anticipation from many angles. The anticipation from the organizers, hoping that their many months of preparation will be worth it. The anticipation from the officials, knowing that each competition is unique; and that they need to put their best feet forward. The anticipation from the fans, expecting nothing but wins. The anticipation from the athletes, getting ready to...

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Over the Hill View - Kwibuka 2021: Rise of the Amazons

It has been an interesting week of cricket so far with stunning individual performances, upsets, and last-over victories. With most teams coming into the competition rusty with little or no competitive matches due to COVID-19 restrictions, all teams took little or no time to sharpen themselves up and got right into the groove of the game. The beautiful Gahanga International Stadium, Kigali hosts this prestigious tournament. ...

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Kwibuka 2021 Between Expectation and Reality

Before all the teams take their hit for their third game from tomorrow, there is a need for an honest review of the matches. First, none of the matches had posted results out of the reach of their rating on the ICC ranking log. But in case you’re out of touch with the respective placements of the teams in Kwubuka, we have them listed below :Kenya (22), Namibia (23), Rwanda (34), Nigeria (40), Botswana (41)...

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Kwibuka: Rise of the Amazons

The Rwandan Cricket Association, as she continues to help the girl-child dream anew, is very worthy of commendation. It is fitting that we are talking about the Rwandan journey in the same breath as girl-child. As the land of "A Thousand Hills" is rising like the phoenix, we call for everyone to support the African woman as she takes her place on the stage and dances with destiny. From June 6, 2021, in what is more than a game of cricket, there would be...

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International Cricket Is Back

Nigeria's female national team is currently flying above our heads en route to Kigali, Rwanda to compete in the Kwibuka tournament. The excitement is tangible albeit unpredictable for cricket fans, even for the most ardent followers of the female game. This year's competition will see the hosts joined by Nigeria, Namibia, Botswana, and Kenya. The Ugandan team pulled out at the last minute due to a breach of the team's bio bubble during preparation....

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Lagos State Cricket – Politics Over Development?

In the last two months, there have been many activities in Lagos geared towards resurrecting grassroots cricket in the state. I understand that a Lagos State Cricket Stakeholder Forum has been set up to organize funding and structure for the development of the game in the state at the grassroots level. Under normal circumstances, this would be a laudable effort but you have to be close to the politics of Nigerian cricket to ask why this is coming up now....

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A Change of Guards?

Nigeria Head Coach, Asanka Gurusinha has today announced a 20 man list that will form the core of the country's national team for the rest of the year. This release comes on the heels of the National Men's Championships and the National Sports Festival, both of which were keenly watched by Asanka, his assistants and national selectors. The release presents more than a few surprises. Below, we try to decode what this all means....

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Edo Crowned National Men’s Cricket Champion

Edo state’s men team outran their Kaduna State counterpart with 57 runs on Wednesday to emerge champion of the National Men’s Cricket Championship in Benin City, Edo State. Team Captain Peter Aho, a prominent member of the National Under-19 Cricket World Cup team last year in South Africa said the team owed their victory to discipline and the huge measure of support that they enjoyed from the Edo State Cricket Association....

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Musings with The Swinger - Nigeria: A Country of Bowlers

It's been a minute. I know. It has not been for nothing. The past few weeks have witnessed plenty of cricket action across the nation. And I just wanted you to soak it all in without my pesky musings. Even if you have not been attentive, you would have come across a cricket post from all that has been happening especially in Edo State. The ancient city of Benin has been host to a host of talents (haha...see what I did there?), recognized and upcoming....

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Lagos Tackles Kaduna in Men’s Championship Semis

The on-going National Men’s Cricket Championship has entered a feverish pitch as Semi-Final Matches get underway with battle line draws between Lagos and Kaduna on Monday in Benin.Both teams boast truckloads of players with national caps under their belt and are both nursing sores from their last match defeats in the preliminaries. The uncanny similarity in the matches they both lost was that it happened in the last over....

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