No More Quick Singles

Yesterday, we lost Tunde Elliot AKA “Baba Dealer” to the cold hands of death. I know many are still in disbelief. If you have been to the Tafawa Balewa Oval Square Cricket Oval more than once, then you know him. Dealer is synonymous with TBS  and the ground may never be the same again without him. With Dealer at TBS, every cricketer had a parking spot reserved irrespective of the event taking place. He knew everyone and would always advise which car to park behind...

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Silly Point - Congratulations Are In Order

As a competitor, I should not typically be heralding the success of my rivals. But I am first a cricket lover and I appreciate good team cricket when I see one. Unless a miracle happens, Ibeju Lekki 1 will again win the Club Cricket Committee (CCC) league this year. It is easy to say that Ibeju Lekki 1 has the best team and therefore should win the league, but having played cricket for so long, it is important to give Ibeju their deserved flowers as their ...

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April in Review

To some, it is no longer news. To some others, it is still a reality they are unwilling to accept. The head coach of the national men's side, Asanka Gurusinha has handed in his resignation and will be leaving the country in the next few weeks. Welcome again to a new month and May the good things packed in the month locate us all. See what we did there? Anyway...while we are still grappling with the idea that our Sri Lankan has gone back to his base in Australia...

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Players are Nigeria's biggest assets - Asanka

The last couple of years has been very busy for the Nigeria Cricket Federation. With landmark activities that are presently reshaping how the sport is being perceived, its growth and eventually its future. One of such key points is the hiring of Asanka Gurusinha as the National Coach and the High-Performance Manager for the country. His appointment in December 2020, during the pandemic, came in the midst of some other high moments and so not much attention was...

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Asanka Exclusive Resignation Interview

When the news broke that the National Head Coach and High-Performance Manager, Asanka Gurusinha had resigned due to health reasons, fans, players, and all lovers of cricket in Nigeria were thrown into a state of frenzy. On one hand, we worried about losing a man that had begun to lay the foundations of a professional level of cricket and on the other hand, we worried about his well-being. TheMiddleStump got a chance to speak to Asanka for an hour during the week....

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Promising Future Awaits Women’s Cricket in Africa

The adjectives; electrifying, nerve-racking, scintillating, and exhilarating barely describe the events of that afternoon in April. Seven runs to win. Six balls left and eighteen-year-old Miracle Imimole was handed the ball. Her debut for the Nigerian team was in 2021 against Rwanda at the Kwibuka tournament in Kigali and now, the teenager was set to face Rwanda’s Giselle Ishimwe, in a dicey last over. Ishimwe 52(46) had helped propel the East Africans to 111 runs...

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What do England and Nigeria have in common?

No, this has nothing to do with colonialism. We’ll help you. The female cricket teams of both nations lost in final matches to their fiercest rivals over the past month. As the ladies from down under were celebrating a 7th World Cup victory, so were the ladies from the land of a thousand hills celebrating their hard-fought victory at the Nigeria Cricket Federation’s Women’s T20I Invitational Tournament. For an entire week from the 28th of March, the Tafawa Balewa Square...

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Phantom Wars and the Colorful Cricket Party in Lagos

Hardly will you find the words ‘war’ and ‘party’ in the same sentence…but here we are presenting both to you in just the title alone. The war was not unexpected neither was the party and so the mix of both had been playing in the minds of many stakeholders and has been a topic of discussion among many people across the various strata in the cricket communities all over the continent. For 8 awesome days, their attention was turned to Lagos where the best of female cricket...

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March In Review

Welcome to a new month and the second quarter of the year. It has been an eventful year so far and these events keep tumbling in one after the other. Just as we were recovering from the breathtaking events of the previous month, March was ready to encapsulate us with its own. The last time we discussed, we shared 'ongoings' in the leagues around the nation.  With leagues all over the country concluded but the CCC league in Lagos, many States have gone back...

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Nigeria Defeats Ghana, Takes on Rwanda in Women T20i Cricket

The Nigeria Women’s team at the ongoing Nigeria Cricket Federation T20i Invitational in Lagos overran the Ghanaian Women’s team for a third straight victory in the weeklong tournament at the Tafawa Balewa Square Cricket Oval in Lagos. Ghana had won the toss and elected to bat only to be limited to 58 runs in 20 overs for the loss of eight wickets. The Nigerian Women’s team needed only 9.5 overs to drown the Ghanaian hope with 15-year-old Lilian Ude scoring...

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Nigeria, Ghana in Epic Semi-Final Duel At Women T20I Tourney

With two victories in the bag, Nigeria will resume the Nigeria Cricket Federation Women’s T20I Invitational Cricket title chase on Friday, April 1, 2022, with an all-important victory against Ghana’s Women’s Cricket team. The Ghanaian Women, locked down their first win on Wednesday afternoon running roughshod over Gambia, leaving them with a 104-runs deficit. Their first two matches with Rwanda and Sierra Leone earlier in the week had left them with defeats....

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Nigeria Claims 41-Run Victory Over Sierra Leone at Women T20I

A half-century by Nigeria’s Salome Sunday was instrumental to Nigeria’s 41 runs victory against West African rivals Sierra Leone at the Access Bank Sponsored NCF Women’s T20i Invitational in Lagos. The match was the second match of the opening day of the five-nation event that bowled off at the newly renovated Tafawa Balewa Square. Rwanda had earlier knocked Ghana’s Women Team to an 85 runs victory in the opening match at the event. The Nigeria Cricket Federation...

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Access Bank Backs Women’s T20 Invitational

Nigeria’s leading bank, Access Bank PLC has thrown its weight behind the NCF Women’s T20I Invitational that starts at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Cricket Oval on March 28, 2022, in Lagos. Uyi Akpata, President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation said the partnership means a lot to the vision of the Federation and will help drive the inclusion goal for the female gender to a new height in the sport. “We are glad that a brand like Access Bank finds what we are doing as a good avenue...

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Nigeria Tackles Sierra Leone in T20I Opening Duel

The first ball of the Nigeria Women T20I Invitational Tournament will be bowled at 9:30 am on Monday 28th January in the opening fixture between Sierra Leone and host, Nigeria. The West African derby is a familiar feud amongst Cricket stakeholders and fans albeit Nigeria took the upper hand in their recent meetings. Most recently, the duo met at the ICC Women’s T20 World Africa Qualifier in Botswana in September 2021, with the Female Yellow Greens, claiming a five-wicket victory....

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Ding Dong - Ready Bells Ringing

A few years ago, it was only a dream but now, it’s a beautiful reality. Many of us remember when Nigeria's only representatives to world cricket were in the male category alone. Nigeria's flag is now flying really high in continental ranking when it comes to female cricket. The game has grown (overall) in leaps and bounds but it is in the female category that our rise has been more phenomenal in recent times. In less than 48 hours, the very first ball of the T20i...

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